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Just south of Cambridge and west of Duxford, Fowlmere is a modern general aviation hub with world-class facilities.

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Best runways

Grass runway 07/25 with a chalk base and length of 700m, along with well maintained taxiway.

Spacious hangar

Large hangar space that can fit not only current aircraft, but also other on arrival.

Food & cafe

Striving to provide best service, we have food and cafe facilities available on site.

Flight training

Home base for British Aerobatic Academy - top reputation flight school for training.

Self hire

Should you wish to rent an aircraft, self hire is offered with Modern Air based here.

Fair fees

Our fees system are worked out to be fair and reasonable, starting at 15 GBP landing.

History connected

Former RAF base as well as operational location for 339th Fighter Group and 42nd Squadron.

Airfield location

Aerodrome is located just off the M11 near Duxford. Cambridge and Stevenage are both within easy driving distance.

Fowlmere, SG8 7SH
52.082573° N, 0.060680° E

Getting by air

Tune in to 122.080 Duxford Information upon arrival to get airport information. Later continue on 135.705 Fowlmere Information for circuit and landing.

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Circuit procedures

Avoid overflying the local towns the Bird Sanctuary and the noise sensitive area marked in the NE of the circuit. The circuit has been designed to keep aircraft noise to a minimum in the area.

The circuit is always to the North of the field. RH for 25 and LH for 07.
This avoids conflicts with circuit traffic at Duxford. They usually use circuits to the south of their field.

Circuit altitude is 800 ft (AGL) with a maximum altitude of 500 ft inside Duxford ATZ (base and final leg).

Contact & Frequencies

Fowlmere Radio: 135.705
Duxford Information: 122.080

British Aerobatic Academy: 07712 864 413
Modern Air: 01763 208 281


Arrivals & Departures


P.P.R. is essential, especially at weekends when occasional temporary restricted airspace exists due to Duxford Airshow activity.


Please avoid over-flying surrounding villages the R.S.P.B reserve and the noise sensitive area in the NE of the circuit.


High performance aircraft please reduce power as soon as it is safe to do so to reduce noise pollution. Please use VY to circuit height on departure.


Under no circumstances join “overhead”.

Arriving aircraft must first call Duxford Information (122.080) upon arrival in the area. Duxford can provide their QFE and runway in use. Circuit altitude is 800 ft (AGL). Duxford will advise upon changing frequency to Fowlmere Radio (135.705). If there is no response keep making position and intention reports (on Fowlmere Radio) as you complete the circuit, land and vacate the runway.

Aircraft should join at Royston town and either proceed downwind for runway 25 or onto long final for runway 07. Maximum altitude in Duxford ATZ (base and final leg) is 500 ft (AGL).



Call Fowlmere Radio (135.705) for radio check, if there is no response make position and intention reports as you taxi and enter the runway to backtrack.

Prior to departure on Runway 07 call Duxford Information (122.080) to inform them you are “Departing runway 07 at Fowlmere” and remain on their frequency until clear of their ATZ.

Please use VY (best rate of climb speed) to circuit height on departure. Maintain a good lookout as there may be aircraft practising aerobatic routines over and around Duxford.

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