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25th November, 2020 2 min read
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Fleet, aircraft, and operations are expanding at Fowlmere. With the recent move in of the British Aerobatic Academy, the airfield gained new capabilities, new staff and courses and is ready to expand horizons even further.

Currently, the fleet at Fowlmere includes:

  • PA-32 Saratoga G-BVWZ
  • PA-28 G-JACS
  • C-152 G-CEZM
  • C-177 RG G-CIMB
  • Grob 115B G-BYDB
  • Grob 115D2 G-ROBA
  • EXTRA 300 G-XXHP
  • EXTRA 200 G-EEEK
  • C-140 G-HALJ
  • GenPro HA-XEN

We are certified to deliver the following courses:

  • LAPL
  • PPL
  • Night
  • IR(R)
  • CBM IR
  • FI and CRI
  • Aerobatics
  • Adv UPRT
  • Adv UPRT instructor
  • Tailwheel

When the UK leaves EASA, the airfield will have one school remaining in EASA (British Aviation Academy) and one school remaining UK CAA (Modern Air) so we will have the best of both worlds.

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