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British Aerobatic Academy

The British Aerobatic Academy can train you from the first time you sit in the pilots seat of an aircraft to unlimited international competition aerobatics. They provide the mainstay of competitors in the UK. 55% of their students are international, coming from all over the world to train as national and international aerobatic competitors. They have a wide range of world class expertise that we use for critiqued sessions and training camps.

Modern Air

Modern Air is a long-tradition Flying Club with UK CAA approval and wide range of fleet. From PPL/LAPL flight training, along with further types (e.g. night or IR) it can provide high quality services at reasonable prices. Range of Piper and Cessna aircraft are in excellent condition, well equipped and prepared for your departure via self-fly hire. Not only aircraft, but maintenance and hangar services are also at your use.

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