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Fowlmere Airfield goes online

25th November, 2020 3 min read
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The aim to make Fowlmere Airfield the best GA airfield in UK will for sure be completed very soon. To achieve this, many factors contribute to make a great end result, this also includes the great new look and appearance of the Fowlmere Airfield website, along with revolutionary functions.

Starting from today, pilots can get all the online briefing at hand on one page as well as download required information, circuit procedures or frequencies as a PDF file.

Moreover, pilots can request PPR via a quick and easy online form and get an instant confirmation of their submission on page and via email. Such system makes managing the airfield operations way easier and improves communications between pilots, giving them modern, world-class facilities.

Example PPR confirmation

New website also includes fees and FAQ information as well as a brilliant history overview, kindly provided by Vic Flintham. We’re excited to see the website in use by pilots, aviation enthusiasts and airfield visitors alike and look forward to meeting you at EGMA.

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